Additional exercises for Behaviour Observation

You should regularly train your behaviour observation skills. Therefore, we have prepared additional exercises for you. They offer simple ways of improving your behaviour observation skills. And they’re fun!



Conscious observation – mindfulness exercise

  • Choose any everyday object, e.g. a cup, a shoe, a pen, etc.
  • Hold it in your hands.
  • Look only at this object.
  • Observe it.
  • Let it completely command your attention.
  • You will become aware of a greater feeling of its presence during this exercise.

You can also use your ears rather than your eyes to develop mindful listening.



Kim’s Game

In his book Kim, Rudyard Kipling tells the story of an orphan in India who is trained to be a spy. As a spy, the orphan needs to have good observation skills. His training included being shown a tray of jewels for 1 minute. After covering the tray, Kim is asked how many and what kind of stones he saw.

Now step into Kim’s shoes. Try to remember as many objects as possible in the following exercise





Find the differences – Exercise 1

There are 6 differences between the bottom and the top photo. Can you find them?




Find the differences – Exercise 2

There are 6 differences between the left and the right photo. Can you find them?




Spot the two crabs that are the same!

Two of the crabs are exactly the same? Can you find them?





Art Observation