FOR Test your knowledge

FOR Summary – what you did learn in this part of the training

  • a general understanding of central concepts, dimensions, and indicators of innovation competence
  • to give examples of innovation competence behaviour
  • to identify relevant behavioural clues in short sequences correctly
  • to correctly allocate relevant behaviour to one of the five dimensions of the FINCODA barometer
  • to correctly assess innovative aspects of behaviour in short video sequences
  • to use the FINCODA barometer correctly and confidently

Using the FINCODA barometer to assess your own innovation competence

The online survey system allows individuals, businesses, and universities to measure a person’s capacity for innovation and access individual and group developmental reports that help users become innovators.

What happens after the assessment?

Upon completing the survey, you may access a report that identifies the dimensions in which you can develop: creativity, critical thinking, initiative, teamwork, and networking.

The development feedback is based on the five dimensions.

Now it’s time to test your knowledge!