Test your knowledge in Behaviour Observation

BOT – Summary – What you did learn in the first part of the FINCODA rater training?

  • to focus on relevant behaviour
  • to be aware of the power of situation and context
  • to know the difference between observation of behaviour and judgement of behaviour
  • to know that you can only observe behaviour, and not personality traits
  • to record observation in behavioural terms
  • to know that a sufficient degree of objectivity can only be achieved by
    • the use of clear behavioural indicators
    • comparison of individual observations with otherobservers
    • repeated observations.
  • to know how to train conscious /mindful observation skills

It’s time to test your knowledge!

Now you can proceed to the Rater Error Training (recommended) or the Frame of Reference Training. For further training of your general observation skills you can proceed to additional exercises.