Session 03: A culture reflexive approach…

EduBox 01 – Session 03

A culture reflexive approach to the analysis of cross-cultural interactions

The concept of multi-collectivity is essential when trying to understand the complexity and multifaceted nature of intercultural encounters. As will be argued in this session, this approach needs to be complemented by an intercultural perspective as well as a contextual approach, which pays particular attention to power relationships.

The aim of this session is to introduce these three approaches, using the concept of cultural reflexivity as a tool to analyse intercultural encounters and apply them to different settings.

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Vorschaubild zeigt 2 Menschen in farbigen Kreisen

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Video: Social relations towards a network approach

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Assignment 01
‘Teaching intercultural business communication: The case study approach’ by Peter James Witchals.

Activity 01
Worksheet: Case Study – Cross Cultural Conflict and Collective Identities, a case study written by Jasmin Mahadevan, Hochschule Pforzheim Germany (used by permission)

Activity 02
Worksheet: Case Study – An international research center

Activity 03
Worksheet: Case Study – A fact finding mission to Kazakhstan, developed and written by Bettina Strewe (used by permission).