Session 06: Synergy is not for free…

EduBox 01 – Session 06

Synergy is not for free – Utilizing diversity in pluricultural teams

In today’s globalised business environments, working in pluricultural teams within and across countries is a common occurrence. Working in such teams is a challenge but also an opportunity. The reason for this is that if managed well, the diversity of team members offers untapped resources for successful collaboration. Thus, working together has the potential to be not only an enriching experience but one in which synergy can be achieved through diversity.

The aim of this session is therefore to illustrate the the potentials inherent in pluricultural teams and how these can be used to create synergies.

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Assignment 01
“Pluricultural workgroups” by Ulrich Zeutschel, translated by Peter James Witchals.

Activity 01
Worksheet: Pluricultural team building, a case study developed by Javier Montiel, Karlshochschule, Karlsruhe Germany (used by permission)