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Here you will find original and innovative material, which provides new perspectives on culture while analysing and explaining their consequences for intercultural business relationships.

Currently there are three lesson areas:
1. Culture, a new perspective includes sessions on ‘Culture, a critical review’; ‘Multi-collectivity as a concept’; ‘Cultural reflexivity’ and ‘Synergy is not for free’

2. Communicating in diverse contexts comprises a range of material on the ‘Basics of intercultural communication’ and ‘Language and culture’

3. Social and business networks and relations focuses on ‘Families as primary social networks’; ‘Social relations-a network perspective’ and ‘Basics of a social network analysis’.

While you are welcome to use the texts, videos, presentations etc. in your own lessons, we would be grateful if you would cite this site as the source (as well as the author of the work). We view ourselves as an open community, so please feel free to send us your own material (see contact page): This site is evolving!

What is EduBoxes all about?

You want to know what EduBoxes are and how it all works? Watch the short video below!

Intro Video EduBoxes by F. Gutbrod & J. Kopczynski, License: CC BY-SA 4.0