Session 01: Families as social networks

EduBox 03 – Session 01

Families as social networks

Our most profound social collective and network of which we are a member is our family, and it is within the family that we first learn to develop social relations. Family members also teach us central aspects of relationship building and the relationship we develop with family members are usually very enduring.
But there is a huge variety of family structures across and within countries that we need to be aware of in order to understand the complexity and changes occurring with regard to family relations when considered from a network perspective.
Using one’s own family as a starting point, the aim of this session is to raise awareness and sensitise participants to the relevance of our family as a primary social network, as well as its function and linkages.

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Family in a park

Assignment 01:
“Families and social relations in the context of changing family structures” by Adelheid Iken and Peter Witchalls