Introduction Frame Of Reference

Frame of Reference Training (FOR)—learning objectives

This online offer is supposed to train raters to become skilled assessors, who are able

  • to understand central concepts, dimensions, and indicators of innovation competence; and to give examples of behaviour reflecting innovation competence,
  • to identify relevant  clues in short behavioural sequences correctly,
  • to correctly allocate relevant behaviour to one of the five dimensions of the FINCODA barometer,
  • to correctly assess short behaviour sequences.

Basic information about innovation competence

The FINCODA concept is based on the understanding that innovation competence is more than creativity. Innovation competence has 5 dimensions:


Creativity: The ability to think beyond tradition to generate or adapt meaningful alternatives (regardless of their possible practicality or future added value)

Critical Thinking: The ability to deconstruct and analyse ideas (to evaluate advantages and disadvantages, foresee how events will develop and estimate risk)

Initiative: The ability to make decisions or carry out actions to operationalise your ideas, as well as mobilize and manage those who have to implement the ideas.

Teamwork: The ability to work efficiently with others in a group

Networking: The ability to involve internal / external stakeholders


What is the FINCODA barometer?

The FINCODA barometer is a questionnaire illustrating the complexities and nuances of innovation competence. It can be used to observe and rate individual innovation competence. We will give concrete examples and explanations later in your FOR training. The next paragraph shows the complete FINCODA barometer.


Click on the barometer to download a pdf and print it!
You will need the print version in the course of the training. 





To get more familiar with the items and Dimensions of the FINCODA Barometer start with the next exercise:


Assign the FINCODA barometer items to the correct dimensions.
Click on the hotspot in correct field!